The Best UK Refer A Friend Schemes & Referral Codes

Let’s get straight to it – you know what refer a friend schemes or referral codes are, and you want to either sign up for a new service and get a welcome freebie, or send a link to a friend and get a reward.
Or maybe you want to do both – clever! Here’s my list of referral codes and refer a friend scheme links to get you some cash, in this order:
-Banking, investing & money
-Sales & rentals
-Utilities & telecoms
-Get-Paid-To sites
This post doesn’t go into great detail about what these products/services offer, so if you’re not aware of what they are, read up on the individual websites or on my related posts where I’ve linked to them for more info.
This post contains some affiliate links, marked by an *. These will still give you your referral credit!
Banking Refer A Friend schemes

Chip – you and your friend get access to Chip+1 account to earn 1.25% bonus

Chip is an AI-powered savings app that lets you auto-save your cash and offers a market-beating 1.25% bonus on up to £10,000 or £2,000, depending on whether you choose the paid or free plan. You can refer one friend, but if you have more than one who wants access to Chip+1 you can point them to this link, which will work for more than one person.
Click here for your referral or click the picture below for a limited-time £10 bonus sign-up offer!

Plum – £15 for you when you invite 3 friends
Plum is an AI-powered personal finance assistant that rounds up your spare cash and sets it aside for you, and even compares your utility outgoings to see if you can claw back some of your hard earned money every month. Read more about it in this post.
Curve – £5 for you, £5 for a friend
A digital wallet and app to combine all your debit and credit cards – download the Curve app and use code G68DX to get £5 to spend on your Curve card.
FreeTrade – a free share for you, a free share for a friend

Fee-free stocks and shares trading. I have to say I really enjoy using this platform! It really does demystify the whole idea of investing, and I started with a tenner, so it’s one way to make investing tiny sums worthwhile.
Trading 212 Invest – a free share for you, a free share for a friend

Fee-free stocks and shares trading.
Trading 212 also offers CFD trading, which I urge you to stay well away from! See this post for more on why CFDs are not the same as investing in shares and why I avoid them. In fact, when you open the app for the first time, you’ll get a choice of practicing with a demo account full of cash – just steer clear of this. I almost didn’t include this referral because of the opportunity for the confused to stumble upon the CFD trading option, but I’m giving my readers the benefit of the doubt as to making wise decisions and using the free share investing option.

Emma – a free month of Emma Pro when you refer a friend.
Emma is a financial budget management app that helps you to get on top of your bank accounts and spending – you can find my review of it here.
When you refer a friend – this is my link – you get a free month of Emma Pro. When you make 9 referrals you get a year for free, and when you make 15 referrals, you get Emma free for life.
Wise – £50 for you when you invite 3 friends, a free transfer for a friend
Bank accounts in GBP and a wide range of foreign currencies. This referral scheme’s a bit fiddly as you have to invite three friends first. I use Wise (formerly Transferwise) for my USD account – it’s great for receiving and spending income from the blog, which often comes in dollars.
AJ Bell YouInvest – £50 for you, free book for a friend or £100 for you, free book for a friend
Stocks and shares investment accounts. A free guide is a bit underwhelming, but hey. This one only seems to serve the person doing the referring and the person referred has to do all the work! I have an ISA with AJ Bell YouInvest though, so if you fancy giving me some cash you can check it out here:
Pockit – £5 for you, £5 for a friend
Prepaid Mastercard and current account with cashback from various retailers. I was an early adopter of Pockit back in 2014 when it launched as a prepaid card only, and it’s changed so much since then – now it’s a full current account.

Shopping Refer A Friend schemes
Quidco – £10 (or £15) for you, £10 for a friend

Cashback on almost any kind of purchase. Quidco’s referral program gives you £10 for referring a friend, but £15 if you’re a Quidco Premium member. Well worth joining either way! This is one we use every year for car and home insurance comparisons and it always delivers for us.
TopCashback – £5 (or £7.50) for you, occasionally £5 for a friend

Cashback on – again – almost anything. TopCashback’s referral program gives you £5 for referring a friend, or £7.50 if you’re a Plus member.

There are often bonus promotions that offer you higher rates and include an incentive for your friend as well.

Sales & rental services Refer A Friend schemes
Etsy – 40 free listings for you, 40 free listings for your friend

Sell handmade crafts, jewellery and art, or supplies for making these types of things. Etsy is currently pumping money into their advertising so it’s really going up in terms of market share.
Paperchase – 15% off for you, 15% off for your friend

Give and get a 15% discount on some of the most stylish and adorable stationery out there. Can you tell I love Paperchase?
Utilities & telecoms Refer A Friend schemes
Bulb Energy – £50 for you, £50 for a friend

Gas and electricity from renewable sources at great rates.

You can read up more about Bulb Energy and 5 reasons why you should switch here.
Sky – £75 for you, £75 for a friend
Virgin Media – £75 for you, £75 for a friend
giffgaff – £5 for you, £10 for a friend
Cheap mobile SIM-only packages and more. Your friend gets £5 credit.
Three – £25 for you, £25 for a friend
O2 – £25 for you, £25 for a friend
Holidays & travel Refer A Friend schemes

AirBnB – £12 for you when you invite a friend to become a host, or £23 for you, £34 for a friend who completes a stay
Earn money from guests renting your property, or save money by renting a property instead of a hotel. – £100 for you when your friend rents their property

As above, earn money from guests renting your property, or save money by renting an affordable property. Not a lot of incentive for your friend besides – well – actually making money through their property, which is useful.
Marketing Refer A Friend schemes
Tailwind – $15 for you, $15 for a friend

The best Pinterest scheduler out there… it also schedules Instagram, but I love it for Pinterest. The credit gives you and a friend a month of Tailwind Plus for free.
Moo – £15 for you, 25% off for a friend

Posh business cards, postcards etc. Moo gives you a £15 gift card. You can also get £200 for referring a business with 10+ employees. – $15 for you, 10% off for a friend

I host my podcast with, and so far it’s brilliant! I can highly recommend them when you’re ready to make the step from written content to audio content.
AppSumo refer a friend – $10 for you

Get cheap stuff like apps, software packages and stock photos through this middleman. You get $10 in credits for every first purchase from a friend.
RawPixel – a free month of premium for you, a free month of premium for a friend

Very nice stock photography, great for bloggers or social media. RawPixel has a number of plans, but you can give a friend a month of their premium plan and get a month in return.
UK Postbox – 50% of commission for you, 50% of commission for a friend

Virtual mailboxes so you don’t have to reveal your home address online. You can get 10% commission on anyone you refer to a paid plan with UK Postbox, but you can adjust the commission split to go from keeping 100% of it yourself down to splitting it 50/50.
Get-Paid-To sites Refer A Friend schemes
Oh My Dosh – £5 for you, £2 for your friend

Hot pink GPT fare.
InboxPounds refer a friend

Paid emails and other offers.
Swagbucks – 300SB for you (+ 10% of your friend’s earnings), 300SB for your friend.

SB stands for Swagbucks, the points used on this site.
There’s another 100SB available for referring a friend to use the “SwagButton” on their desktop/laptop.

Maximiles – 500 points for you, 100 points for a friend

Get 500 points when your friend completes 3 surveys.

A free, non-gambling daily draw site funded by advertising. Referrals add up to 20p to your “bonus”, which is added to the amount you could win in a draw.
And now folks, I need a lie down. There are so many more refer a friend schemes that I could add, and that I probably will add. Bear with me as I update this post as I go along!

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