Make money with content locker with sweeptake With Prof

What is Sweeptakes?

Sweeptake is a model of activity by allowing viewers to participate in any activities to win prizes, which can be done in a variety of ways:

1- Surveying

2- Play game

3- Join their program

If anyone want to participate this activities above, they have chance to get prize from award holder.

How to make money with sweeptakes?

We use these concepts to make money with content locker. We are playing with people’s desires.You’re going to create a website and pretend to giveaway something very popular and desired every month. For example, you can do Ps4 giveaways or iphone 11 giveaways. You will see more ideas below

This website can make money with via iphone 11 giveaway. Firstly, they have pre-landing page what are content that description about how to get an iphone 11 giveaway proof and rank in 1st google with keyword “Free iphone11” when people search and this this content and interest to participate program, they will enter to landing page for submit their page

In this landing page, they let visitors to enter and choose color and ram before submit their application. By they place content code from cpa network, When their visitors complete offer in this page they will get paid.

You can get this ideas to make money with cpa content locker with sweeptakes

For the website or landing page, I’d highly recommend keeping it simple, have pre-landing page and one page. We’d recommend using WordPress and finding great landing page.

So, basically how the site will be designed is like this. You’ll either break up your main page into the following sections or pages: How It Works, your landing page should be

1- Interesting

2- Value information

3- Credibility

4- Rule for winprize

5- Past winners

6- Time out

This is most importantly part that motivate anyone click your landing page enter giveaway. The Enter Giveaway page is what you will be content locking. You can use any network, it doesn’t matter. We used AdWorkMedia CPAgrip and CPAlead. The trick here is for the anyone on your website to enter the giveaway, they must first complete an offer or survey.

After they do that, it counts as an “entry” and the contact form on your website is accessible. Keep the Enter Giveaway form simple, just Name and Email works fine. Also, have the contact form visible in the background when the person sees your content locker. It will entice them to complete an offer to enter.

How It Works will basically describe your giveaway and what the process is for a person to enter. Here you can either be honest or lie. You can be honest and say you’re able to afford the giveaways because sponsors pay you to have people complete offers, or just not let anyone know and have it all be a surprise when they try to enter the giveaway. Your landing page

Rules, just copy and paste contest rules from any other similar giveaway site to look credible and legit. Having a privacy policy page could help too.

Lastly, you’ll have a Past Winners page. Here’s where you can get creative, you can either use Google Images and search something like “iphone winner” and just put these pictures on your site OR if you want to look super legit, you can pay people on Fiverr to hold what you’re giving away with your site in the background. You could pay someone to hold an iphone displaying your giveaway site, be creative.

Make sure your landing page are legit and beautiful that get chance the higher convert. People won’t complete offers if your site looks sketchy or like crap.

We hope that this article will help you understand how to make money with Content locker using Sweeptakes and can be applied to a wider variety.

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