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In this category are referenced the best cashlinks. A cashlink is a url shortener, but with a particularity that the classic link shorteners do not have: the remuneration.

Indeed, by shortening the links of your site via a cashlink you will be able to earn money each time a visitor clicks on it. Compensation is based on CPM (one thousand postings), and generally earns between $ 0.5 and $ 7 for 1,000 clicks, which can go very quickly depending on your audience. It is also possible to share the links on social networks or anywhere else on the internet.

If cashlinks make it possible to earn money, it is by what they display advertising to visitors. For example, in most cases a shortened link using a cashlink will first display an advertising page to visitors, with a timer of 5 to 20 seconds. Once this time has elapsed, visitors will be able to click again on the relevant link to access the desired content.

Cashlinks have several advantages and disadvantages:

The advantages of a cashlink
The first advantage is that this is an additional way to make money with a site. Indeed, thanks to cashlinks you will be able to monetize all the outgoing traffic (or even the incoming traffic) of your site. The best cashlinks even offer scripts that automatically shorten all the links on a website, or certain links in particular, such as those in comments, for example.

Just like classic link shorteners, a cashlink also allows you to track your links and thus know which ones receive more clicks than others.

Some cashlinks offer more functionality than others, for example instead of displaying an advertising page between the moment the visitor clicks on the link and arrives at their destination, well sometimes it is not possible to display a simple banner. This brings in less money, but it is also less disturbing for visitors.

The disadvantages of using a cashlink

Above all, there is one drawback, but a significant one. Indeed, using a cashlink will allow you to earn money with links, but in return it will harm the user experience of your audience. Advertising is already quite common on sites, adding more in the links will certainly not appeal to your visitors.

Especially since some cashlinks (especially those with the highest remuneration) display particularly annoying and intrusive advertisements, such as pop-ups or adult advertisements for example. It could therefore harm your hearing.

Using a cashlink is therefore not something to be taken lightly. I advise you to strike a balance between the rate of pay and the user experience. To do this, do not hesitate to carry out several tests between the different cashlinks to find out which of them will suit you best.

The best cashlinks to make money with links

Here is without further ado the list of the best cashlinks to my knowledge. All are sites that have proven their seriousness, as said previously do not hesitate to test several to find the one that will suit you best. is a cashlink, in other words a site that converts simple links into profitable links by inserting advertisements. The principle consists of converting links and then sharing them on the internet (for example on a blog if o is probably the best known cashlink around the world. It offers several options concerning the shortening of urls, you can for example choose between a classic advertising page with a timer, or simply the display of a bar. is a fairly complete cashlink in terms of functionality. This will allow you to monetize your audience and this from almost any country, with remuneration rates that can sometimes go up to $ 21 per 1000 visitors. At the moment


ShrinkEarn is one of the most popular cashlinks right now, with a CPM of around $ 6 for French audience (and up to $ 20 in some countries). As I add this cashlink in this list, ShrinkEarn sem


Vivads is a cashlink allowing to be paid in dollars, or in bitcoin according to the choice of the users. The remuneration rates offered by Vivads are interesting, indeed the CPM remuneration seems to be $ 3 minimum for all countries

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