A way to monetize your room in ClubHouse app

 So far, ClubHouse is still missing some important features and is waiting to be added from the service developers, and until then a group of third parties have taken the initiative to bring many things necessary for the “Cliphouse” platform, it is known that it is difficult to find rooms to join in ClubHouse And if you are a member of one of these rooms, then fortunately for you, in this post we will present you with a plan to create paid rooms in ClubHouse, it is a service called PaidRooms that allows us in a matter of seconds to configure our rooms where users will have to pay to join them, “Cliphouse” is A social network that appeared very quickly and users became very addicted to it, however, the exclusivity of use for iOS users and the lack of additional options for the service led to the emergence of many third-party alternatives, given that monetization is a very attractive factor for online content creators. An option has emerged to do this using the ClubHouse platform. This opportunity is not offered by ClipHouse itself, but is a third-party solution called PaidRooms that appears to act as an intermediary for creating Clu’s payment rooms. bHouse, so that whoever wants to join your room has to pay the predetermined amount.

To use this service, the requirements are first to have a ClubHouse account, register in PaidRooms service and follow your ClubHouse account, after that you can start configuring your room by adding the price you want to charge and selecting the participating members

While you get paid for members joining your Clip House room, you get paid and take up to 3 days to access your account.

Website link:   PaidRooms

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